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There are FIVE easy steps to bec

There are FIVE easy steps to becoming a Job Poster and posting your job listings on this Jobs Board.

    If you are new to our Jobs Board, you need to create a Job Poster account to keep track of job listings you post for our students.
    Click Here to Create a Job Poster Account

    If you have already created a Job Poster acount, just log in to your current account. Please use your current account so all of your job listings and postings will be associated with your account. It makes it much easier to go back and make changes to job listings or posts, as well as reuse job listings when new positions become open.

  2. Existing Posters from our old system: We have recently redeveloped our entire jobs board system. As a result, all former job posters from the old system now have temporary passwords. To find your temporary password, click on this link and enter your primary email address as your username. Once you log in to the new system, you can change your password  under "Your Account".
    Recover Password

    Once you log in as a Job Poster, you can Add New Jobs, Post Jobs, and Edit existing job listings and postings.

    To add a new job listing, first check to see if the company for the job listing has already been created. If not, add a new company.

    Next check to see if contacts for the company are already entered. If not, add the company contact for the job listing. Job seekers will be directed to the company contact if they need more information.

    Now enter the job listing. Click on "Add a New Job" and first select the company, then select the company contact for the job listing. Enter the information requested on the "Add  a New Job" screen. You will be able to see the completed job listing and make any necessary changes by clicking on "Edit This Job"

  6. POST A JOB:
    Once the job listing is correct, the last step is to post the job. Click on "Post a Job" and select the correct job listing to post. Enter the Posting Date and the Closing Date. You can change these dates whenever necessary. If you want to unpost/unpublish a job listing, just change the Closing Date to the previous day and save.

If you have any questions, please contact us by clicking this link. Thank you for becoming a Job Poster and helping our CPT Department students find quality jobs.

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